In case of detonation, JAKUSZ vessels protect human life, infrastructure and natural environment against the effects of explosion.

Mobile and stationary depots provide protection against effects of an explosion such as a shock wave and fragments.

JAKUSZ company offers information security technologies as well as technologies for protection of facilities and installations of critical importance for the internal security of the country.

New demilitarization technologies designed for secure destruction of various types of ammunition, mines, missiles, special ammunition, and improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

Wykonujemy szeroki zakres prac związanych z obróbką elementów metalowych.

Kontenery sanitarne wyposażone są w instalację elektryczną, wodną i kanalizacyjną, dzięki czemu mogą stanowić samodzielne węzły sanitarne lub część dużych zestawów. Zbudowane są na bazie standardowych kontenerów morskich typu 20’HC DC.

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Training offer

JAKUSZ Company offers specialized training within its EOD Technicians Training Centre, which operates under: Ordinance of Minister of Economy of 28.01.2009 on the training and examination of persons with access to explosives for civil purposes; Statement of Kościerski District Office no. 4321-I/1/2009 of 15.07.2009 with entry to the registry of educational institutions.

Educational capabilities:

  • experienced staff,
  • training shooting range enabling work with explosives,
  • the extensive collection of original items (including some cross-sections), such as land mines, artillery shells, grenades, bombs, torpedoes, shells, etc., covering the period from the Napoleonic era to the present, which is an effective aid in understanding the structure and properties of explosives of military origin.
  • Equipment for detection, transport, storage and neutralization of hazardous materials.
Training courses on land clearance of unexploded ordnance
Training courses on land clearance of unexploded ordnance

Training courses on land clearance of unexploded ordnance, including destruction using explosives for civil uses. This training is conducted in compliance with the Act of 21 June 2002 on explosive materials for civil uses (Dz.U. of 25 July 2002) and is concluded with the examination before a national commission WITU (Military Institute of Armament Technology).

The scope of training includes belowe topics:

  • general professional knowledge of the work carried out with the use of explosives for civil uses;
  • knowledge of the regulations governing the purchase, storage, use, handling and transport of explosives for civil uses;
  • health and safety regulations while working with explosives for civil uses;
  • risks to the life and health of people, property, environment and public safety connected with possession, storage and use of explosives for civil uses, and ways to reduce or eliminate these risks;
  • counteract to external threats that may arise during the work carried out with the use of explosives for civil use.
Specialized training
Specialized training

Dedicated for national security services in Poland and abroad.

This course may include the following topics:

  • Safety issues required for explosive materials handling,
  • improvised explosive devices (IED),
  • explosion and bombing scene investigation,
  • counter-terrorism.


The training program can be tailored to customer specific needs.


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