In case of detonation, JAKUSZ vessels protect human life, infrastructure and natural environment against the effects of explosion.

Mobile and stationary depots provide protection against effects of an explosion such as a shock wave and fragments.

JAKUSZ company offers information security technologies as well as technologies for protection of facilities and installations of critical importance for the internal security of the country.

New demilitarization technologies designed for secure destruction of various types of ammunition, mines, missiles, special ammunition, and improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

Wykonujemy szeroki zakres prac związanych z obróbką elementów metalowych.

Kontenery sanitarne wyposażone są w instalację elektryczną, wodną i kanalizacyjną, dzięki czemu mogą stanowić samodzielne węzły sanitarne lub część dużych zestawów. Zbudowane są na bazie standardowych kontenerów morskich typu 20’HC DC.

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5 września 2008

Report from the XVI International Defence Industry Exhibition

„JAKUSZ” company is honoured to present you report from XVI MSPO which was held in Kielce in 2008. During the fair we presented our products at two stands (internal and external). We showed our products.

We showed following products:

Gas-tight containers designed for storing and transport of explosives “Anka” and “Agata”,

Ventilated container for transport of dangerous materials designed for using at airports „Weronika”,

Military ventilated container for transport of explosives „Wiktoria” ,

Mobile underpressure installation for ammunition destruction by detonation method „Jowisz”.

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